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How can I book an appointment?

The fastest way to get an appointment is to call (902) 864-4414 Monday - Friday 9am-8pm. You can also contact through the website or email us at Online booking is coming soon!


Do you require deposits for appointments and are they refundable?

We do require deposits for new clients or large colour services (5 hours+). Deposits hold your time slot and are non refundable. Learn More


Why do I need to go into the salon for a test strand consultation before my colour service? 

We may ask you to come in for a test strand consultation prior to your colour service for a few different reasons: usage of box colour or huge/time consuming transformations require an in person consultation. Learn More


How much do you charge? 

We cannot quote exact prices through the phone or through text. We can give rough estimates after online or in person consultations; but prices may vary depending what needs to be done to your hair. All of our stylists have different levels of expertise and experience; Click Here to view our individual price lists. 


What should I wear to my appointment? 

Please do not wear your favorite articles of clothing to your appointment as we cannot guarantee nothing will happen to it. We do our absolute best to keep you clean but mistakes do happen. We do have extra tshirts available for you to wear if needed!  


Do you have Wifi?



Can I bring my child or friend with me?

Sometimes we know you have to; and that's okay. But generally we do ask you to come alone for your appointment. If you have someone with you we ask that they respect the people around them as some people want to escape their lives and have quiet time in the salon. Space is limited so please let us know if you need to bring someone with you prior to your appointment. 


Can I bring my dog?

We are 100% dog friendly but we do have our little salon mascot Zeppelin in salon 50% of the time. She gets nervous with other dogs in the space. We welcome all dogs but please don't bring your dog in unannounced; we ask that you let us know prior to your appointment. 

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