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*descriptions and timings are average and may vary depending on your hair and hairstylist

*silent appointments available upon request


Classic Short - clippers on sides and nape; all one length on top 30min

Detailed Short - short haircut with different legths on top/all over

Medium Length - above the shoulders; below the ears

Long Lengthbelow the shoulders

Transformational Haircutgoing very short from long; drastic change that takes extra time 

Bang Trim 15min

Dry Cut/Skim Trim 15-30min

Add a full cut to color service -50% of haircut price 


Blowout 30-45min

Up-Do 1hour 
Formal Curls 45min


Deep Conditioning 


Pamper Me - includes scalp exfoliation, clarifying treatment, deep conditioning treatment, head massage, hot towel and blowout. 1.5hours

Pamper Me Add On 45min

Brighten Me - includes deep clarifying treatment to remove old toners, minerals or build up, toner refresh and blowout 


*all lightening services include a certain amount of lightener, toner and a blowout. 

*you book for the amount of lightening you'd like and our stylists will determine the best technique to get you to your desired goal (foils, balayage, teasylights, etc)

Hairline Lightening - focuses on lightening the hairline, bang area and part  2-2.5hours

Partial Lightening - focuses on the areas you choose to lighten; more than the hairline but less than a full head   2.5-3hours

Full Head Lightening - blonding through almost all sections of the hair   3hour+

Mega Lightening - back to back lightening; covering all sections of the hair  4hours+

Hourly Corrective Blonding - this service is for major blonding and is recommended for color corrections. it includes all toners, treatments and trims during the hourly rate. 

On Scalp Lightener Retouch 2hours+

Full Head Lightener 2hours+

Extra Lightener 


*all colour services include a blowout

Colour Retouch 1.5hours+

All Over Colour 2hours+
Colour Melt - melting multiple colours together  2hours+

All Over Gloss/Toner Add On

All Over Gloss/Toner Leave Wet 

Extra Colour 

Shadow Root 

Vivid Colours - by consultation


Online consultation via email, Facebook or Instagram $0

In person consultation $30 (Includes test strand if needed) 

We like to know everything we possibly can about your hair history and daily routine. Most times we can get the information we need through text but we sometimes will require you to come into the salon for an in person consultation (always when box color or perms are involved). This avoids any disappointment for us both and lessons the chance of any surprise during your hair appointment. This in person consultation appointment allows us to test a piece of your hair with lightener/colour; and will help us avoid any damage or undesirable results. 

Please click the link below which best suits your inquiry needs:

*Esthetic services are performed by our independent Estheticians/Nail Techs. Please visit your preferred Esthetician/Nail Tech's bio to see their service list. Please note that gift cards purchased can NOT be used for certain independent stylists & estheticians. Please get in touch with them directly to purchase gift cards. 

 *Click here to see our stylists individual pricing

Flower Shadow
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