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Making our staff and clients feel safe and at ease is Cabaret’s main priority. We’ve updated our Covid policies. 

-You no longer have to call when you arrive; just come on in! 

-Please come alone to your appointments (no friends or family). If you need to bring someone with you please notify our desk staff prior to the appointment. 

-We will still be frequently washing our hands and using hand sanitizer.

-We will continue to properly sanitize our stations and tools at all times. 

-Mask are optional for staff & clients (please be respectful of the choices of others in our space at all times). If you would like your service provider to wear a mask at any point during the appointment please let us know and we will put one on; no questions asked. 

-Please rebook if you aren’t feeling well or are waiting for a Covid test result. If you come into the salon coughing or sneezing we may ask you to rebook. 

-Please continue to show up 5 minutes before your appointment. 

-Beverages are allowed now. We supply coffee, tea, water & snacks. You may bring your own as well. 

-Being late is still not tolerated and you may be asked to rebook (please call us if you are running late). 

-Children must be mature enough to attend their appointment alone and we will not be accepting clients under the age of 12 at this time. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!